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The Best Reseller Web Hosting Services for 2023

Updated on December 4, 2023 – Written By: Shant Alexanian

To get straight to the answer, if you’re looking for the best reseller web hosting, then HostGator or A2 Hosting would be the best choice for most individuals.

Venturing into the realm of digital commerce for the first time? One worthy strategy for your business blueprint is reseller hosting. You don’t need to do any technical backend tasks such as network availability or power, as they provide these things on their end.

Additionally, no expensive hardware is required, so the only time and commitment from you would be building out content online using the templates provided by them while earning money from customers who sign up for your own web hosting business.

Picking a Reseller hosting provider is no easy feat. To make your decision that much simpler, we’ve outlined the most significant factors in this review. Before making a decision, the most critical element to consider is the cost – how much are their services every month?

What extra features are provided, for example, bandwidth limits or free domains? Moreover, does the provider offer 24/7 customer support so any issues can be swiftly attended to without having to wait on hold for an extended period?

The 4 Best Reseller Web Hosting Services

1. HostGator - Best Reseller Hosting Service for Lowest Prices

The reputation of HostGator as an elite web hosting provider is widespread. But what many people don’t know is that they also offer great reseller services for those looking to start their own web hosting companies.

Starting at a mere $19.95 per month, HostGator positions itself as an excellent option for those aiming to make their debut in the web hosting arena. Their unbeatable prices coupled with top-tier customer service make them stand out in the crowd.

Here is a look at the 3 different pricing plans and features of their reseller’s hosting. These prices are based on a 36-month tenure, complemented by a 30-day money-back assurance. HostGator also offers yearly and month-to-month plans.

The Aluminum Plan allows hosting for an unlimited number of websites and comes with 60GB of memory, 600GB of bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate, WHM, cPanel, FTP accounts, email accounts, MySQL accounts, private name servers based on your domain, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and 24/7/365 support for $19.95/mo.

The Copper Plan allows hosting for an unlimited number of websites and comes with 90GB of memory, 900GB of bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate, WHM, cPanel, FTP accounts, email accounts, MySQL accounts, and private name servers based on your domain for $24.95/mo.

The Silver Plan allows hosting for an unlimited number of websites and comes with 140GB of memory, 1400GB of bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate, WHM, cPanel, FTP accounts, email accounts, MySQL accounts, and private name servers based on your domain for $24.95/mo.

As can be discerned, the Silver and Copper Plans share the same cost. The difference is that you get 140GB from the Silver Plan vs. 90GB from the Copper Plan; thus, the better deal is the Silver Plan since you get more space and bandwidth. The promotional rate is only available for the first 36 months, but you can lock it in before that time expires.

Ensure you opt for a plan that is congruent with your requirements, not only considering bandwidth but also storage, as both influence your operational scope. Scaling with HostGator is remarkably seamless, all plans include complimentary upgrades; thus, if the Aluminum Plan’s resources are not satisfactory, scaling up is hassle-free.

WHMCS is a comprehensive and easy-to-use billing system. The reseller plans come with free access, so you can start managing your clients today. Monitoring your server status is easy with the WHM control panel. You can also limit things like disk space and bandwidth for clients, all from one convenient place.

HostGator is also great for those who are looking to switch providers; they offer up to 80% off the transfer and registration fees when you move from another hosting company, making it easier than ever before.

HostGator prides itself on a remarkable service level assurance, with an uptime pledge of 99.9%, effectively assuaging any qualms related to your clientele’s accessibility concerns.

One more reason why we recommend HostGator for reseller hosting is their outstanding customer service. Their elite service agents, consistently at your beck and call, exhibit relentless dedication in extending assistance as needed.

When the conversation turns to superb web hosting companies paired with unrivaled customer care, HostGator inevitably springs to mind. Their provisions extend to round-the-clock telephonic and live chat support, coupled with continuous server scrutiny. A noteworthy feature is their 45-day refund policy, offering a risk-free trial of their services, allaying any fear of financial loss. Click Here to Read Our Full HostGator Review

2. A2 Hosting - The Best Reseller Hosting for White Labeling

White labeling is the transformative art of applying one’s corporate identity to a product or service. This versatile concept is applicable across a broad spectrum of goods and services, with hosting claiming a prime position amongst popular white-label options.

A2 Hosting is the perfect choice for resellers who want to offer white-labeled hosting to their clients. With A2, you can create your private-label hosting packages and give your clients a unique hosting experience that they won’t find anywhere else. Plus, you’ll have access to all of A2’s great features and tools, including their award-winning customer support.

Here is a look at the 4 different pricing plans and features of their Reseller Hosting. The quoted costs are predicated on a 12-month engagement and incorporate a 30-day refund assurance. A2 Hosting also offers month-to-month plans, plus fast 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support.

The Turbo KickStart Plan comes with 600GB of transfer, 60GB of NVMe SSD storage, 2X memory, turbo servers that are up to 20X faster, a free SSL certificate, reinforced DDoS protection, cPanel/WHM white-labeled, plus 30 client accounts, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee for $22.99/mo.

The Turbo Launch Plan comes with 1000GB of transfer, 120GB of NVMe SSD storage, 2X memory, turbo servers that are up to 20X faster, a free SSL certificate, reinforced DDoS protection, cPanel/WHM white-labeled, plus 60 client accounts, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee for $29.99/mo.

The Turbo Grow Plan comes with 1600GB of transfer, 160GB of NVMe SSD storage, 2X memory, turbo servers that are up to 20X faster, a free SSL certificate, reinforced DDoS protection, cPanel/WHM white-labeled, plus 90 client accounts, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee for $39.99/mo.

The Turbo Scale Plan comes with 3500GB of transfer, 250GB of NVMe SSD storage, 2X memory, turbo servers that are up to 20X faster, a free SSL certificate, reinforced DDoS protection, cPanel/WHM white-labeled, plus 130 client accounts, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee for $49.99/mo.

Their Regular and Turbo Reseller Plans have been specially designed to give you the best possible performance. We highly recommend going with a Turbo plan, as it is the only way for A2’s legendary speed! The cheaper options are more than enough if your reseller clients need something simple, though; providing them with an excellent user experience will help grow your business in any case.

Their Kickstart Plan is great for beginners, but if you want more speed and control over your server and WHMCS, then the Turbo Launch Plan will be ideal.

The Turbo Launch Hosting Plan is great for those who want more control over their server and WHMCS. The power of this package lies in its ability to customize almost every aspect on the fly, so if you’re looking forward to starting your own business, this might be the right plan for you.

To ensure your website’s stability and functionality, we recommend using a higher account type, like the Launch plan or higher, if you are just starting out but haven’t yet decided on an enterprise-level plan for growth.

The proposition is simple: augment the count of your clientele and enhance your prosperity. That’s why we recommend using the Launch or higher tier hosting plan for your business website; these will ensure that it functions properly with increased traffic coming through the door, which means happier customers and an overall successful experience.

If you’re looking for a reliable reseller web hosting provider with great customer service, A2 Hosting is a great option. They offer 24/7 support via phone and live chat, as well as Server Rewind Backups and 24/7 server monitoring. What’s more, they even assure a 30-day reimbursement policy, permitting a risk-free trial. Click Here to Read Our Full A2 Hosting Review

3. InMotion Hosting - Best for Starting a Reseller Hosting Business

Seeking a trustworthy, economically viable hosting provider to kickstart your venture in reseller hosting? Your quest ends with InMotion Hosting. Occupying a prominent position in the global sphere of web hosts, InMotion presents a cornucopia of features that perfectly align with the requirements of a burgeoning reseller hosting enterprise. To add to it, their lauded customer service will accompany you throughout your journey, extending their assistance at every bend and turn.

Signing up for the entry-level plan not only gives you a cPanel account and 25 hosting accounts but also WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution). This means that as soon as you set it all up correctly—meaning setting prices on templates or designing logos—you can start billing people within the platform.

An incredible advantage of this service is that you’ll have access to a complete suite containing a WebHost manager and additional resources such as a reseller control panel. Don’t worry if you lack technical know-how; everything has been handled in advance or it can be implemented with ease through clear instruction.

InMotion Hosting is a great choice for those who want to have complete control over their hosting. With InMotion, you can brand your service and even go as far as creating custom themes if desired! No other host offers these features at such an affordable price.

Here’s a look at the 4 different pricing plans and features of their Reseller Hosting. The cost is fixed for a 24-month duration, supplemented by a 90-day financial risk reversal assurance. InMotion also offers monthly and yearly plans.

The R-1000S Plan comes with 100GB of SSD, 25 cPanels included, unlimited email accounts, 1 dedicated IP, a free SSL, Hack & Malware Protection, DDoS protection, white label hosting, and chat and email support for $16.99/mo.

The R-2000S Plan comes with 160GB of SSD, 50 cPanels Included, unlimited email accounts, 2 dedicated IPs, a free SSL, Hack & Malware Protection, DDoS protection, white label hosting, and 24/7/365 U.S.-based support for $26.99/mo.

The R-3000S Plan comes with 200GB of SSD, 80 cPanels included, unlimited email accounts, 3 dedicated IPs, a free SSL, hack, and malware protection, DDoS protection, white label hosting, free website transfers, and server setup, and 24/7/365 U.S.-based support for $46.99/mo.

The Reseller VPS Plan comes with 7GB of RAM, 5 cPanels included, unlimited email accounts, 3 dedicated IPs, root access, free SSL, hack, and malware protection, DDoS protection, white label hosting, free website transfers, and server setup, and 24/7/365 U.S.-based support for $35.99/mo.

Hosting schemes can be bifurcated into shared and virtual private servers (VPSs). The R plans are shared web hosting plans which provide less space than the Reseller VPS plan.

The R plans are a perfect choice for newcomers to the hosting game. There is less responsibility and setup, which can be good if you are just getting started in the web hosting niche.

The Reseller VPS plan provides the perfect hosting solution for experienced professionals and those seeking more customization of their environment. With a competitive price and full root access to configure everything just as you prefer.

InMotion offers some of the most affordable hosting packages. They also provide a free billing software, cPanel, and WHM access, as well as SSD drives on select plans for your website’s data.

You’ll never have to worry about DDoS attacks or malware with this service since they are protected by an advanced security system that can be upgraded at any time, if necessary.

You won’t have to break a sweat about technical know-how, thanks to their easy-to-perform tutorials which come complete with live help available 24/7, so you don’t get lost along the way.

InMotion’s 90-day money-back guarantee is an industry benchmark, underscoring their commitment to customer satisfaction, a commendable feat given the industry norm of a 30-day money-back assurance.

InMotion Hosting is a great choice for resellers at all levels. They extend competitive rates, superior customer assistance, and a toolbox full of utilities simplifying your reselling endeavors. If you’re looking for a reliable hosting company to help you get started in the world of reselling, we highly recommend InMotion. Click Here to Read Our Full InMotion Review

4. SiteGround - Best for Building and Managing Sites for Clients

Now, let us explore SiteGround, a web hosting provider with an experience spanning over eighteen years. It offers a user-friendly platform for websites of varying magnitudes. From novices to seasoned website creators, SiteGround provides the necessary arsenal and support to ensure your site’s seamless online presence, backed by top-tier customer service.

In addition to being affordable, reliable, and easy to use, the provider makes it simple to manage multiple websites from one account with its custom control panel called Site Tools. Thus, if you are looking for one of the best reseller web hosting companies for you and your client’s sites, then look no further than SiteGround.

Here is a look at the 3 different pricing plans and features of their Reseller Hosting. The pricing is aligned with a 12-month term, supplemented by a 30-day financial risk reversal assurance. SiteGround also offers month-to-month plans.

The GrowBig Plan offers hosting for an unlimited number of websites, with 20GB of web space, unlimited databases, free SSLs and CDNs, enhanced security, WP-CLI and SSH access, free email, free WP installation, free WP Migrator plugin, daily and on-demand backups, easy staging capabilities and the ability to add collaborators for $3.99/mo.

The GoGeek Plan offers hosting for an unlimited number of websites, with 40GB of web space, unlimited databases, a free Private DNS, free SSLs and CDNs, enhanced security, WP-CLI and SSH access, a free email account, free WP installation, a free WP migrator plugin, daily and on-demand backups, white-labeling for clients, easy staging capabilities and the ability to add collaborators. Additionally, you also get Advanced Priority Support for $5.99/mo.

The Cloud Plan offers hosting for an unlimited number of websites, with 40+ GB of web space, unlimited databases, a free Private DNS, free SSLs and CDNs, enhanced security, WP-CLI and SSH access, a free email account, free WP installation, a free WP migrator plugin, daily and on-demand backups, white-labeling for clients, customize client’s access, tailor site’s resources, easy staging capabilities and the ability to add collaborators. Additionally, you also get Advanced Priority Support for $100.00/mo.

You can have a website up and running in mere minutes with any of their comprehensive plans. Not only do they offer hosting for an unlimited number of websites, but you will also be provided with an intuitive main dashboard to effectively manage each website from one central hub.

They also offer free WP installation to make sure everything is set into motion quickly, with no headaches or worries. Guaranteed automatic daily backups mean nothing will be lost if something goes wrong.

The GrowBig plan starts at $3.99 per month, while the GoGeek package is priced higher with priority support and the ability to white-label clients for yourself or provide them as part of your service offering—it’s up to you.

The Cloud reselling option runs $100 per month but gives customizable access to resources on-site, plus the ability to customize clients’ access.

Great news! The prices you see now are promotional rates, and they will renew at a higher rate after the initial contract period ends.

SiteGround is a great choice for those who already have their businesses set up and running. It’s perfect for expanding an existing business, as they offer white labeling for clients and on-demand backups.

SiteGround is also the perfect place to store your site if you’re looking for a low-maintenance and easy-to-use service. They offer an intuitive dashboard that will allow all your sites, big or small, to be managed in one place, so there’s no more juggling between pages while trying not to miss any important updates on each project or website.

If you’re looking for a top-quality hosting provider with reselling capabilities, SiteGround is an excellent choice. Their prices are already very reasonable, and their system makes it easy for you to add this service to your offerings. With impressive customer support and a plethora of features, SiteGround can serve as a catalyst in your business growth. Click Here to Read Our Full SiteGround Review

The Top 2 Reseller Hosting Providers in Summary

To encapsulate, HostGator is a potent choice for those aspiring to launch their own web hosting business. They offer a gamut of features such as boundless disk space and bandwidth, gratis cPanel access, a WHM control panel, and more. Notably, they have superior customer service and support options available.

A2 Hosting is another good choice for reseller web hosting. Though priced slightly higher compared to HostGator, A2 Hosting does offer some unique features, such as its Turbo Server option, which can turbocharge website loading speed by up to 20X.

FAQs About Best Reseller Web Hosting

What Is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting that allows individuals or businesses to purchase large amounts of server space and bandwidth to break up and resell to their customers. The reseller usually sets up their prices and manages the customer accounts. Sometimes, customer support becomes their liability as well.

Reseller hosting surfaces as a propitious option for those who aspire to launch a web hosting venture, or for individuals whose web design or development businesses are already flourishing and who seek to incorporate hosting amenities for their clientele.

Certain considerations come into play when selecting a reseller host: the magnitude of server space and data transmission required, the type of command panel desired, and the decision between a Windows or Linux-based setup. An important component of this process is determining the financial commitment one is willing to make toward their reseller account.

Overall, reseller hosting serves as a robust platform to kick-start your web hosting enterprise or to infuse more value into your pre-existing web design or development venture.

How do I become a reseller host?

As the clamor for web hosting services amplifies, numerous companies are exploring avenues to penetrate this flourishing market. One way to do this is by becoming a reseller host. Reseller hosting allows businesses to sell web hosting services without having to invest in their own infrastructure. Instead, they simply resell space on an existing server.

This can manifest as a financially efficient method to make headway in the web hosting business. If you wish to become a reseller host, establishing a relationship with a trusted web hosting provider that offers reseller plans is of utmost importance.

Once you identify a provider, the next step involves enrolling for a reseller account. This account equips you with the resources essential to commence the sale of web hosting services. Post account setup, you can initiate your marketing endeavors and start accumulating customers.

How much does reseller hosting cost?

The costs associated with reseller hosting are subject to fluctuation based on several determinants, the most crucial being the amount of data transfer and storage space needed. If you plan to sell hosting plans with a lot of data transfer or large file sizes, then you will need a plan with more bandwidth and storage.

Another factor that can affect the cost of reseller hosting is the level of customer support that you require. If you are catering to many customers or offering complex hosting plans, then you will need to purchase a plan with more robust customer support.

Lastly, the cost of the hosting plan itself will influence the overall price tag of reseller hosting. Typically, the superior the quality of the hosting plan, the steeper its price. By factoring in these elements, you can pinpoint a reseller hosting plan that aligns with your financial capabilities and requirements.

Is reseller hosting profitable?

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting where the account owner can resell hosting services to their clients. This service is typically provided by larger web hosting corporations as a means to enable customers to resell their services. However, several smaller companies specialize in reseller hosting. So, is reseller hosting profitable?

Several key elements require contemplation when addressing this query. First, reseller hosting generally requires an upfront investment; the account owner needs to purchase the necessary server space and bandwidth in bulk which can get expensive, depending on one’s needs.

Additionally, many reseller plans come with restrictive terms and conditions that limit the account owner’s ability to profit from their clients. For example, some plans only allow the account owner to charge a certain amount above their cost price, while others prohibit them from marking up prices altogether.

There are also several potential benefits to reseller hosting. Firstly, it can serve as a potent entryway into the web hosting market sans a substantial upfront investment. Additionally, reseller plans often come with several valuable features and resources that can help the account owner succeed.

For example, many plans include access to a control panel, email accounts, and marketing tools that can help attract new clients. When wielded effectively, these resources can counterbalance the cost of running a reseller operation and render it profitable over time.

How do I resell VPS hosting?

Reselling VPS hosting can be a great way to earn passive income; you can set up your reseller hosting business with very little upfront investment, and the profit potential is considerable. However, it is important to understand the basics of reselling VPS hosting before getting started.

First, you will need to choose a reliable VPS hosting provider. This is essential, as your customers will be relying on you for their hosting needs. Once you’ve zeroed in on a worthy provider, the next step entails setting up your reseller account and crafting your promotional material.

Then, you can start promoting your hosting services and signing up customers. With a modicum of effort, you can erect a prosperous reselling enterprise.

What are the benefits of reseller hosting?

If you’re seeking a hosting solution that grants more control and flexibility, reseller hosting could be your answer. Reseller hosting enables you to create your own package of web hosting services to sell to your customers. This could be an excellent way to generate extra income, or even launch your own web hosting business!

There are numerous benefits to reseller hosting, inclusive of the ability to set your prices, establish your branding, and maintain complete control over the servers and infrastructure. Moreover, peddling host services, commonly known as reseller hosting, oftentimes extends superior levels of client backing from the originator, ensuring round-the-clock assistance, if need be.

Whether you are a seasoned web architect or venturing freshly into the digital commerce realm, reseller hosting may well be a lucrative avenue for you.

Should you get into reselling web hosting?

Pondering over the inception of your own host services venture? The reselling of such services may be an optimal launching pad. Nevertheless, several considerations warrant attention before plunging headfirst into this market.

Primarily, you must ensure the possession of comprehensive knowledge about the host services domain and the diverse range of offerings. This knowledge becomes instrumental in elucidating the advantages of each service to prospective patrons, thereby guiding them to the most fitting choice for their requirements.

Secondly, identify a trustworthy provider of host services that proposes reseller schemes at a justifiable price. Make sure to shop around and compare prices before committing to a specific provider.

Thirdly, a well-structured promotional plan is key to publicizing your reseller enterprise. This can include setting up a website and blog, as well as actively promoting your services through online directories and social media.

A significant investment of time and diligence can transform reselling host services into a thriving independent enterprise. However, a word of caution – undertake due diligence beforehand to ensure preparedness for all business facets.

What is white-label reseller hosting?

A white-label reselling hosting program is a service offered by some web hosting companies which allows you to resell their services under your brand name. In most cases, you’ll be able to use the same control panel and support infrastructure as the parent company, but your customers will only see your branding.

White-label reseller hosting can be a great way to get started in the web hosting business without having to invest in infrastructure. It can also add value to firms looking to complement their existing product suite with web hosting.

However, the choice of a reputable and reliable host company as your ally is critical, as your reputation is at stake. If in search of white-label reseller hosting, extensive research to identify a trustworthy partner is non-negotiable.

Do I need a white-label panel for reselling hosting?

Anyone associated with the selling of hosting services understands the potential advantages of a white-label panel to broaden their clientele and enhance profits. But what exactly is a white-label panel, and do they need one? A white-label panel is a web-based control panel that allows them to manage their customers’ hosting accounts without them ever knowing that they are the service provider.

This grants you the privilege to infuse the panel with your unique brand identity, thereby creating an illusion of a distinct product. But while a white-label panel can be a valuable marketing tool, it is not essential for every reseller. If you are just starting, you may not need the extra expense or complexity of a white-label panel.

In the instance of established resellers, situations may still favor a standard control panel. Ultimately, whether or not you need a white-label panel depends on your specific business goals.

What are the key features of reseller hosting?

There are a few key features to look for when choosing a reseller hosting plan. Firstly, a plan offering ample storage and bandwidth is paramount to hosting multiple websites without hiccups.

Secondly, you’ll want to ensure that the reseller hosting plan includes a control panel. This will provide you with the capability to effortlessly manage your websites and monitor your customers.

Lastly, you’ll want to ensure that the reseller hosting plan provides satisfactory customer service. This ensures that you receive assistance when required, and your customers enjoy a satisfactory experience. By keeping these things in mind, you can be certain to find the best reseller hosting plan for your needs.

What are the biggest challenges that I will face while running my reseller hosting business?

Congratulations on your decision to start a reseller hosting business! Though potentially profitable, the venture is not devoid of hurdles. Here are some substantial challenges you may encounter as a web hosting reseller:

1. Finding the right hosting platform can be tough, with dozens of reseller hosting platforms out there. Be sure to do your research and compare features and prices before deciding.

2. As a reseller host, you are responsible for managing your customers’ expectations. Set realistic anticipations upfront and strive to fulfill them.

3. Staying competitive: The reseller hosting market is highly competitive, and it can be challenging to differentiate your business from the competition. Make sure to offer competitive pricing and unique features that will attract customers to your business.

4. Keeping up with technology is important in reseller hosting, a rapidly changing field. To stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies, be sure to invest in a good hosting partner that stays on top of this.

5. Reseller hosts shoulder the responsibility of addressing support issues. Therefore, a robust support structure to swiftly resolve customer issues is fundamental.

By keeping these challenges in mind, you will be better prepared to succeed as a reseller host. With perseverance and determination, overcoming any hurdle is feasible.

How do I market my reseller hosting business?

There are several ways to market your reseller hosting business. Firstly, identifying your target audience followed by devising a marketing strategy encompassing both online and offline marketing techniques is an effective approach. You can harness the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to enhance your website’s prominence in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), while also employing social media platforms for forging connections with prospective clients.

Traditional offline marketing strategies, such as print ads, radio commercials, and TV spots, are also viable. Another way to market your reseller hosting business is by partnering with other businesses that complement your services.

For example, if you sell reseller hosting plans that include email accounts, you could partner with an email marketing service provider. By partnering with complementary businesses, you can reach a wider audience and generate more leads.

Who is reseller hosting for?

Reseller hosting is a great option for web designers, developers, and anyone else who creates websites for a living. It allows them to offer a comprehensive hosting solution to their clients without dealing with server setup and management complexities.

By purchasing in bulk, you can earn discounted rates on your hosting expenses. Reseller hosting is also a good choice for businesses that want to offer their employees an email hosting solution. By setting up a reseller account, you can give each employee their own email address with your business’s domain name.

This can help to promote your brand and build loyalty among your team; thus, if you are looking for a flexible, affordable way to host multiple websites, reseller hosting could be the perfect solution for you.

Who's the best reseller hosting provider for web designers and developers?

Choosing the best web hosting provider for your website can be a challenging and confusing process.

It’s even tougher when evaluating a Reseller Hosting provider that directly affects your clients and reputation.

Sure, you can opt for a web hosting plan for your client, but you miss out on the recurring income that comes with a reseller hosting plan.

After all, as a web designer, the client typically looks towards you for support and maintenance. By adding reseller hosting, you can white-label web hosting and become a one-stop shop for your client’s needs.

In many respects, reseller web hosting is very similar to shared web hosting. It’s set up the same except you go to the company for customer service and support.

As a web designer, if you want to boost your profits, one of the resellers on our top provider’s list would be perfect for you.